2009 Schuyler Avenue Water Improvements Project

Kearny, NJ

Neglia Engineering Associates (NEA) was selected by the Town of Kearny to provide Professional Engineering, Construction Management, and Design and Permitting Services for the Schuyler Avenue Water Improvements Project. Below are the project details of the services that were provided.

➢  Improvements to the water distribution main running under Schuyler Avenue along with improvements to fire hydrants, valves, and other various services were completed
➢  Work for this project included the reviewing of file maps and any other documents of record and performing field surveys to establish approximate right of way lines in all areas where the proposed improvements were undertaken
➢  NEA held all necessary meetings and research required to coordinate all the Municipal Departments
➢  NEA also performed the final design and prepared Final Plans and Specifications in such a form and manner that they met all Municipal, County, State, and Federal requirements

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