2016 Roadway Improvement Program

North Arlington, NJ

Neglia Engineering Associates (NEA) was selected by the Borough of North Arlington to provide Professional Engineering, Design, and Investigation Services for the Borough’s 2016 Roadway Improvement Program. Below are the project details of the services that were provided.

➢  Repaved streets that the Borough of North Arlington identified as “in need of repaving” and repaved along with the identification and remediation of sewer systems in need of repair
➢  NEA reviewed file maps and other documents of record and performed field surveys to establish approximate right of way lines in all areas in need of improvement
➢  NEA held all necessary meetings and research required to coordinate all Municipal Departments
➢  Performed the final design and prepared Final Plans and Specifications so that they met all Municipal, County, State, and Federal requirements
➢  NEA prepared preliminary bond estimates and identified grant opportunities from CDBG & NJDOT

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