GIS Infrastructure Survey

Nutley, NJ

Neglia Engineering Associates (NEA) was selected to perform a GIS Survey of the entire Township of Nutley. The project provided survey data to perform shape files for the Township’s GIS system, including: sanitary sewers, potable water systems, fire hydrants, and storm sewer systems. Below are further project details of the services that were provided.

➢ Utilized existing data, including SpatialDataLogic linked parcel mapping and modiv databases, to automatically populate certain cross streets or other geographically relevant asset fields
➢ Utilized existing paper records, CAD drawings, as-built drawings, GIS data, aerial photography, GPS devices, and other databases to populate Township required fields and locate assets
➢ NEA collected all data, structured and recorded it in a way that provides for future analysis
➢ NEA provided a two way data flow between updates in the GIS system and data located in the SpatialDataLogic software

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