Kids Spot at Memorial Park

Rutherford, New Jersey

The Borough of Rutherford engaged Neglia Engineering Associates to provide a new ADA compliant playground at Memorial Park. N.E.A. used a multi-tiered approach to complete the project, which included: planning play equipment proposals with vendors, presenting proposals at stakeholders meetings, and coordinating the Construction Management phase with vendors and installers. Below are the project details of the services provided.

Playground elements included playground equipment for preschoolers and playschool kids (ages 5-12), as well as one 100% wheelchair play accessible piece. This play equipment piece was unique in that it offered auditory, tactile, and visual cause and effect activities. This same play piece offers wide ramps for wheelchairs of for walking side-by-side.

A pavilion, web-climber, Zero-G chair swings, and a Merry-Go-All are also located in the playgrounds. Solar shades were provided on both pieces of play equipment.

Rubberized seamless safety surface for fall protection under and around play equipment was installed, as well as new concrete walkways linking all the play elements throughout the site. Benches, trash receptacles, and new landscaping were also provided.

  • A perimeter fence surround the entire park with entry latches that are out of reach for young children.
  • Client :The Borough of Rutherford
  • Completed :June 2018
  • Categories :Construction Management, Landscape Architecture, Surveying
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