Wood-Ridge Recreation Complex

Wood-Ridge, NJ

Neglia Engineering Associates (NEA) has been providing services to the Borough of Wood-Ridge since the brownfield redevelopment site in the northwest corner of the municipality had its first inception in 2004. NEA reviewed redevelopment plans by four different developers, managed the site remediation with the LSRP and has provided construction oversight for the Borough. Below are further details regarding the services provided.

➢  As part of the redevelopment negotiations, the developers are to set aside a portion of the site for recreation facilities
➢  NEA provided a master plan for the recreation complex
➢  The facilities include a Little League baseball field, softball field, and football/soccer field
➢  Buildings include a recreation building and service building
➢  Additional recreation opportunities include a concession seating area, playground area, outdoor fitness area, nature themed playground area, and a circular loop walkway
➢  Onsite parking provided to support the recreation facilities and augment the on-street parking in the area

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